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Public Enemy - AMC Agency

(All the same company …)

During the Second World War, until December 1941, America made a conscious effort to remain outside the conflict – to carry on as a neutral, albeit powerful, nation. However, along came Japan, mounting an unprovoked attack from nowhere. We all know what happened next.

Like America, there we were at, minding our own business and performing our duties of advising, educating and informing aspiring models of all the modelling scams and rogue companies out there. Indeed, we had received – and continue to receive – plenty of commendations from many quarters for what we were trying to do. Then out of nowhere, as with America and Pearl Harbour, came AMC Agency ( with a short stick, which it used to launch a seemingly unprovoked attack on our campaign. We say unprovoked as we didn't know at first what their problem was. We had not even named and shamed them at that point. However, when we took a closer look at their operation it became crystal clear what their problem with our crusade really was. Their strategy of launching an attack on us will prove to be strategically catastrophic – indeed fatal – for them, because they have forced us to turn the spotlight firmly in their direction and have awoken a sense of fury which has been accompanied by mobilisation for war.

For this and other reasons, we are filled with a terrible resolve – not by choice but by necessity – to proclaim this company our Public Enemy No.1 (aka our T.i.T: Twitter immoral Twin). Read on and you’ll see why we’ve branded them with this fitting title…


In summary

No sooner had we launched under our brand name and got our successful and ever-growing Twitter presence off the ground, along came AMC Management who, being scared stiff of what is contained within our powerful books, became highly agitated and set about trying to derail us. This is how they went about it, with all the evidence so you can make up your own minds.


The replica Twitter site or our Twitter Immoral Twin (aka T.i.T)

As we all know, Twitter has become a powerful tool for spreading the word about the good that one is doing – right? Well, no sooner had we launched than, hey presto, just four months later came an exact replica but with the digit 1 after its name. The goal? To hijack our followers and derail our movement. But, you may ask, why would they want to do this?


Fig.1 The replica Twitter site designed purely to try to derail our movement. Note also their Twitter account name.

The copycat Twitter account set-up details: who set up what and when? Let’s examine the evidence so you can be the ultimate judge: Twitter site (The official Twitter site): @model_scams (launched on February 4 2013) Twitter site (the copycat wrecker, or our TiT): @model_scams1 (launched on 22 July 2013)


How they've tried to provoke us on Twitter

They have tried to poke us by mentioning the fact we advertise to recruit sales agents. Yes we do. Agents that help us fundraise for our campaign. Agents that painstakingly approach prospective sponsors to back our cause. Agents that advise members of some of the very few services that we charge for in order to help fund our cause – such as taking up their cause if they've been sadly scammed by companies such as AMC Agency out of hundreds of pounds. Agents that advise members of our numerous competitions designed to help our fundraising. But guess what? We never do the hard sell like AMC. All our fundraising activities are fully transparent, like charities not staffed by volunteers, and if the member doesn't want to participate, it's cool with us. It doesn't stop all members benefiting from all our free services such as bespoke advice on all things modelling; winning our monthly new face/modelling competition (with prizes of £250); showcasing members on our modelling platform with absolutely zero need for a portfolio (unlike scam agencies such as AMC), and much more.

They've tried to also poke the fact we charge studios to participate in our photo studio industry clean-up operation – an idea inspired by the numerous complaints we've received from members who describe being ripped off in studios, being told one price before they come in then being charged another on the day, being sold useless accessories such as e-Folios in order to extract as much money from them as possible, being offered discounts in return for sexual favours, etc. Yes, AMC, you're damn right we're going to try and clean up the industry as it’s what the public have been crying out for, and we say, Enough is Enough! As for the prices we charge studios, all funds go towards supporting such a huge operation and above all, marketing it. Of course companies such as AMC Agency, with undercover studios, would rather we didn't launch such an operation as it jeopardises their own smoke and mirrors scam. But guess what,… !


The domain name speaks for itself


Fig.2 the replica website (in name only) designed purely to try to derail our movement. The domain name speaks for itself.


The copycat website domain name details - who set up what and when? (our official website): Created on 22 November 2011 (the copycat wrecker): Created on 17 July 2013


The evidence

Let’s examine the evidence so you can be the ultimate judge For those of you who have your own websites or know about them, you will know that when it comes to domain names and details, you can register whatever you like. That is to say, you can be utterly transparent, in which case you will provide a REAL business address that clearly links to you. Real also in that if someone comes to look for you, they will most likely find you where you say you are. If, on the other hand, you wish to be hidden with the sole intention of deceiving people, you will provide a bogus address – right? So let’s see which camp our evil twin falls into, shall we?

On their website, the address listed is:-

145-157 St. John Street



If you doubt us, please see for yourselves at (and don’t worry, if they try changing it now they’ve been exposed, we have screenshots of the evidence).

But here’s the thing. The address for their registered domain is well known as one for all things scam, be it rogue modelling agencies or other scam companies. Essentially, it’s where scammers go to park up when they do not want to be detected. Do not expect to find them there as an operational agency – it’s a postal address, nothing more! It’s where bogus operators send poor innocent people looking for the money they’ve scammed from them. They will get there and find … what? Nothing. But again, if you don’t believe us, here are a few links to see for yourself. Even the well-respected Daily Mirror has lambasted that address as a favourite for scammers.


Analysis of the evidence

We’ve posted a screenshot of the site above. If you visit it, you’ll also notice an impressive video. But guess what? Look closely at the website and you’ll notice that there is zero transparency. There is no address or contact number. There are no Terms and Conditions and certainly no company name and registered number to inform visitors who is behind the website. But hey, we know who’s behind it. It’s none other than Assertive Model Management Agency ( We know this courtesy of the many insiders and moles we have working for us and supplying us with first-hand information. So why would AMC Management Agency not want to put its name on its own website or Twitter account (@model_scams1) we wonder? The answer is simple: you can’t purport to be on the side of wannabe models on the one hand, whilst running several model agencies that have one goal and one goal only in mind – to scam them – on the other, now can you?

The evidence we have amassed against the company is too lengthy to list here but why not visit our Agency eXpose Blog Watch which contains all the evidence one needs about them and many others. But please note… if a model agency of any sort tries to send you to their studio or ANY studio as a condition for being a model or on their books, run a mile – it is well known within this industry that modelling agencies linked to studios are nothing but scams designed to extract as much money as possible from the aspiring model!!! If you choose to get a model portfolio off your OWN bat, be it for personal reasons or whatever, and without being directly or indirectly coerced into doing so, than that’s fine as it is a decision that YOU and you alone have made.

Moreover, whilst Assets Casting Agency (AMA) and AMC websites have different web domains, their details contain exactly the same information, proving that they are effectively run by the same people. Remember what we said about rogue modelling agencies not dying, but resurrecting themselves under different names?

So why would one company deliberately keep trying to mimic the good that another is trying to do? Why, all of a sudden, would surface, only to copy our own domain (; and @model_scams1, to copy our Twitter account (@model_scams)?

Could it be because we are a scam, and they are trying to out us – to expose us? Maybe! Or perhaps it is because they are angry and agitated that we have dared to eat into their daily bread obtained through deceit, smoke and mirrors and a web of hidden companies and illicit gains? From the evidence above, we’d say the latter, but on all the evidence you have read so far dear readers, you decide. Whilst you do that, here’s some more evidence and the crux of the problem.


The link between and (AMC Management Agency and Assets Casting Agency)?

Remember how we pointed out above that is registered at the building where all modelling scam companies go to hide their true location? Well, guess who’s also supposedly registered there? You got it. (AMC Management Agency and Assets Casting Agency) also has its address listed there. So what we now have is an infamous address where scam companies that do not wish to be found by the people they are scamming, go and register. Check this out:

We have an abundance of evidence that these operators are the same people, but we will leave it here for now should AMC decide to sue us – which we hope they will.

Do you see a picture forming here? If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is. AMC Agency are a supposed modelling and casting agency listed at an invisible address. The company advertises heavily on Google in order to recruit innocent, desperate and highly impressionable aspiring models who simply want to realise their modelling dreams. When one of them applies, thinking they are applying to a legitimate agency, they are contacted and invited in for an assessment. But here’s the slick part of their operation. Unlike other rogue operators that invite you in for a test shoot, or book you in with an ‘approved’ studio subject to making you pay a deposit (of course), they direct you to a photo studio where you’ll be made to have a test shoot. The said studios are the ones that will take the deposit; and having come in, you are made to pay for your portfolio. Armed with the portfolio, the model applicant is then directed back to AMC to be listed on their books. In other words, the deal is this: you want to be a model, we (AMC) will send you to get photos done – which you pay for – and only then will we make you a model. Except that afterwards, nothing ever really comes of it. Rather, the wannabe model is tossed to the side.

But why, you may ask, doesn’t AMC take the deposit directly off the model applicant rather than send them to a studio? The reason is simple. It enables them (AMC) to deny taking ANY money from model applicants – even if they are claimed to have done so by an applicant who has been scammed, they can easily reply that they never took any money. Rather, all they did was represent the applicant. If the applicant has any beef with the quality of their photos or any other issue and wants a refund, AMC will simply say that it has nothing whatsoever to do with them – after all, they never took a penny off the applicant. And they would be right in saying this. But what happens to the money collected from the applicant at the studio? Some of it undoubtedly goes to AMC, of course.

In summation, here’s how the scam works (much more detail on this and scores of other modern-day modelling scams are detailed in our explosive books, [link to book area plz Serhiy] where you will also learn how to succeed in modelling the right way):-

Aspiring model applies on the AMC website to become a model.

They contact her/him and state something along the following lines (this is from one actual reply sent to an applicant): ‘We charge no upfront fees only a % from work we find models. The test shoot is for assessment purposes if you wish to use the images for your use you would deal direct with the studio. This is NOT a [sic] opportunity to obtain a free portfolio. Cindy XX’

Innocent aspiring model, thinking there is no harm there, accepts the invitation for a test shoot. However, AMC are extremely cautious in how they go about executing their slick operation. They send the model applicant for a test shoot, but rather than take any money from them, ask them to contact an ‘independent’ studio who will arrange everything, and take the most important thing – the all-important deposit. This means that they cannot be accused of taking any money off anyone.

Model applicant contacts the studio that AMC are obviously linked to, and on the day of the test shoot is told they have what it takes (surprise surprise). But there is a sting in the tail. Applicant has to pay for her/his own images before being placed on the books of AMC.

By the way folks, don’t take our word for it on all this; read what scores of others are saying about AMC and all its aliases -

Everyone knows that the ‘test shoot’ scam is one of the oldest modelling scam tricks in the book, literally [link to book area plz Serhiy]; the purpose being to convince you that they take their selection process seriously and so, if they do accept you (subject to you having to fork out for a portfolio of course), you are really lucky. Everyone also knows that if a proper agency really likes you and thinks that you have modelling potential, they’ll take you on their books, pay for any professional pictures you may need and simply deduct it from the work they find for you. The only, and we mean ONLY reason why any supposed modelling agency would need a professional modelling portfolio upfront, that the applicant has to pay for, is that the said agency has absolutely no intention whatsoever of finding the applicant work. It is simply a money-making exercise and nothing else. NEVER GET A MODEL PORTFOLIO WHEN IT IS A CONDITION OF BEING ON THE BOOKS OF ANY AGENCY!!!

But getting back to the point, can you now see why AMC Model Management have desperately tried to derail our anti-modelling scams campaign? Because, of course, we are a threat to their own modelling and studio scam. So what better way than to:

a)     Launch an exactly similar Twitter site (@model_scams1) five months after we launch and become our T.i.T? The aim being to contact as many of our kind followers as possible and try to slander our good name and cause whilst ensuring their scam operation is not strangled. But who can blame them? If you were raking in money from the dreams of innocent young people, wouldn’t you start panicking when along comes a regulator that is out to bring your gravy train of cash to an end?

b)     Rush out a site,, that mimics our own, with one aim and one aim only: to derail our movement.

Well, we have some news for AMC Model Management. Anyone who attempts to derail our movement to clean up the rogue aspect of the modelling and photo studio industry, is in effect giving two fingers to the thousands of aspiring models out there, and the studio-goers. Rather than encourage us, which we welcome if all the commendations we have received so far are anything to go by, they seek to destabilise us; and in the process they are in effect advocating that these scams continue. No. No. No! We will not be derailed and we will bring all our resources to bear on any company, body or person that tries to do so. When we launched in 2013, we were simply out to make a difference. A difference brought upon by our research, knowledge and experience of all the scammed aspiring models out there who have not only lost a lot of money, but also had their dreams shattered. To many scammed model applicants has come, not only the burden of financial loss but also added burdens such as depression, relationship breakdowns, self-harm, despair of humanity, anti-social tendencies and loss of their jobs to name but a few. How do we know? Because we sampled hundreds of young people aged between 16 and 30, and these harrowing stories are what kept coming back. What we also found was that many are very reluctant to go public with their ordeals, presumably out of embarrassment, or fear of being mocked or laughed at. Well, we’re here to arrest the problem, and whilst we may not totally succeed, rest assured we will do our utmost, because if the vast majority of aspiring models do not fall victim to scams as a result of added awareness and education, our movement will have been worthwhile.


What you need to ask AMC Model Management and via our TiT…

Having seen conclusive evidence of who is really behind and our T.i.T, wed ask all our supporters to venture onto Twitter @model_scams1 and ask them the following questions:

a)     Why launch a similar Twitter site 4 months after we did, if not to derail our good-cause anti-modelling-scam campaign? If they truly support our cause, which they clearly don’t, why not try and work with us as many good people and companies out there are doing?

b)     Why launch two years after us?

c)     Why is there zero transparency behind the site above, with no name, contact number or address behind the site? Why would this be when they are purporting to help people?

d)     Why are and registered at the same address and, more worryingly, a known address for modelling scam companies?

e)     What are they hiding from?

f)      Are they prepared to meet us at our offices or theirs to have it out face-to-face?

g)     Are they prepared to publicly show all their income sources and accounts (like us) so everyone can see how they make their money – or to be precise, how much money they have raked in from selling portfolios to innocent aspiring models?

h)     Why is the address they list as their base on the AMC Agency website simply a registered address for scam model agencies? Why is their REAL address not listed on their website?


Our open challenge to AMC Model Management and and our T.i.T

If anything that we have mentioned above is not true, we would openly and publicly invite AMC to a transparency test. Here it is:

a)     That they and we publicly declare our income sources by way of our internal and external accounts. Then the public can see who makes money from what. AMC can also show how much money it has raked in since its creation from fleecing innocent models into purchasing model portfolios by way of bogus test shoots.

b)     That we arrange a face-to-face meeting at our offices or theirs – we’re easy either way!

c)     If we have told any untruths about them in this exposé article (and trust us folks, what we have published here about them is nothing – there’s loads more to come), they should sue us!

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